Analysis of causes of band saw blade grounding off
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Summary:This article introduces causes of grounding off of band saw blades during cutting metal on the bandsaw machine.
Analysis of causes of band saw blade grounding off

This article analyzes the reasons of grounding off of band saw blades during working on bandsaw machine.
There are several reasons that caused this problem:

1. Caused by bandsaw machine:

A, Vibration from punching or forging equipments affects the stability of bandsaw machine, which caused vibration of band saw blades and hit on teeth; Looseness of fixing bolt of bandsaw machine, then band saw blades may shake during working process, then causes teeth damaged on band saw blade.

B, Lift cylinder contains air, poor hydraulic oil oiliness, hydraulic cylinder abrasion, control valve is out of control, then saw head can not descend equably, causing damage of teeth of band saw blade.

C, Linearity of driving wheel, driven wheel and escapement mechanism can not reach requested tolerance, band saw blades is bent, not cutting volume from left to right, up to down during working.

D, Damage or slack of belt of electrical motor because of aging, which causes intermittent stop of band saw blade during cutting metal.

E, Wear of band saw blade guide, then band saw blade can not cut vertically and teeth are damaged during cutting.

2. Wrong teeth profile:

A, Cutting solid or hollow metal with wrong teeth profile.

B, Wrong teeth distance, band saw blade with big teeth cutting small diameter metal can also cause grounding off.

C, Misconduct of cutting steel channel, hollow tube and shaped metal can cause damage on teeth.

D, Please check the attachment below for selection of teeth profile.

3. Mis-operation of band saw blade:

A, Out of control of band saw blade when it touches metal, band saw blade does not cut it slowly and stably while blade teeth touches workpiece, teeth is overloaded for an instant.

B, Metal is not clamped tightly on bandsaw machine, when blade cut it, it moves, then teeth is bent or damaged.

C, Wrong installation of band saw blade, it works abnormally.

D, Blade speed is too fast, cutting volume is overloaded, especially cutting it with new blade.

E, Work piece moves after blade is lift from cutting gap.

F, Clamping of metal is incorrect, work piece moves during cutting.

4. Other negative factors cause teeth damage:

Unused new blade, too much cutting volume, teeth direction of band saw blade, any dust or hard spot in metal.
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