31-1/2" manual band saw machine
Type:Hydraulic semi automatic
Cutting:Semi automatic
1. Suitable for cutting big metal pipe tube bar rod.
2. Horizontal type, much stable.
3. Hydraulic clamping metal.
4. Manual feeding metal onto the saw.


Function: cutting metal

Type: horizontal

Cutting method: band saw blade.

Cutable metal shape: solid rod, solid bar, hollow tube or pipe, profile etc.





 Cutting capacity


 round 31-1/2" (800mm)

 rectangular:  31-1/2" * 31-1/2" (800*800mm)

 Saw blade size


 length: 347-1/5", width: 2-1/2", thickness: 0.063"

 Blade speed



 Main motor



 Hydraulic motor



 Coolant motor





 0.012" or 0.3mm



 electrical control









 hydraulic (left, right clamps, upper clamp is optional)



 one big and one small



 control panel, user manual are in English

 Blade tension



 Main drive


 worm wheel

 Hydraulic oil


 ISO viscosity grade: 32# or 46#



 to order (must be 3 phases)



 16755lbs (7600kg)

 Machine size


 162" * 154" * 98" (4130*3900*2500mm)

 Package size


 166" * 159" * 102" (4230*4000*2600mm)

Shipping cost:

Includes: Sea freight (from China to your nearest sea port)

Import tax (most countries has import tax)

VAT tax (some EU countries has VAT tax)

Customs clearance fees (pay local forwarder or agent for doing customs clearance)

Land freight (from your nearest sea port to you your factory)

Other fees related to the shipment

Contact me with postal code, I will send you cost after contacting forwarder.


One year: free parts with postage paid by sellerwe help you to repair machine by email, Skype or Whatsapp video.

After one year: parts and postage paid by buyerwe help you to repair machine by email, Skype or Whatsapp video.


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