HSS circular saw blade sharpener
Model: LNM-450
Type: automatic
Saw: HSS circular saw blade

1. Suitable for High Speed Steel circular saw blade.
2. Automatically sharpen one saw blade.
3. Accept power customization to your local power.
4. Vertical type to save floor space.


Function: sharpen HSS circular saw blades.

Saw blade type: High Speed Steel (HSS)

Operation: automatic

Control: manual

Drive: electricity

Power: 220volts, 60hz, 3 phases (accept customization)



Model Unit LNM-450
Saw blade O.D mm


Distance of teeth mm 22
Depth of teeth mm 8
Cutting angle degree -35
Feeding speed teeth/min 45-180
Saw blade thickness mm 8
Grinding wheel O.D mm 75-150
Grinding wheel I.D mm 20
Rotation speed RPM 4200
Grinding wheel motor kw 0.55
Turning wheel motor kw 0.37
Vacuum cleaner motor kw 0.37
Weight kg 160
Dimension mm 750*750*1380
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